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Strengthen Mind and Body: Immerse Yourself in Chickasaw History as You Walk Toward Health

Strengthen Mind and Body: Immerse Yourself in Chickasaw History as You Walk Toward Health

Walk Among Legendary Heroes: AYA Weaves Historical Narratives into Your Fitness Journey


What do all these have in common?

  • A Chickasaw warrior who fought against Hernando de Soto’s forces
  • A Chickasaw matriarch who passed down knowledge and heritage to children and grandchildren
  • A Chickasaw rancher who helped settle Indian Territory
  • A Chickasaw student who attended Bloomfield Academy
  • A Chickasaw astronaut who walked in space

They are all walking partners waiting to tell you their stories in the AYA Walk app. These partners will share history and culture of the Chickasaw Nation with you as you walk and give you the opportunity to travel back in time to experience significant events in Chickasaw history through their stories.




The stories that AYA walking partners tell you are about more than historical events; they are stories about how Chickasaw culture has sustained our people for centuries. Hearing about the ways Chickasaws have lived their daily lives, engaged in battles for their survival, taught their children, been confronted with new ways of living and forced to leave behind places and ways they had long known will have a profound impact on you as you make your way through the complexities of life in the 21st century. There is no stronger foundation for success in life than being aware of who you are, where you have come from and the traditions that can help you meet the challenges of your life. Walking with AYA’s partners and learning about what earned Chickasaws the “unconquered and unconquerable” reputation will give you motivation and confidence for your journey to better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Walk with Inspirational Women and Men: Hear Stories to Boost Your Spirit

 Many of AYA’s walking partners were created to give you a real sense of life for them at various times in history, but they are based on countless hours of research into the records and stories of real-life Chickasaws and what they experienced. Other modern partners, like John Herrington, share their real-life experiences. As you walk with AYA and hear these stories, you will learn about Chickasaw history, but you will also find that the stories and information they share will impact your life in many ways. You will be inspired, motivated and challenged.

 Studies show that when we engage with our history, culture and traditions, it has a positive impact on our physical and mental health. As you are drawn into the world and lives of your walking partner on AYA, you will walk in their shoes, see the world through their eyes and find their unconquerable spirit refreshing and renewing. When learning is tied to a strong tradition of resilience and strength, coupled with an activity improving your physical fitness, it is a potent combination guaranteed to enrich your body and mind.


Walk with AYA: Step Up Your Fitness Journey Today

 If you are not an AYA user, download the app and start walking with us today. If you are already an AYA user, be sure you are getting the most out of your fitness journey with us by using all the features in the app. You can learn about all AYA’s features and answer questions about how the app works by visiting AYAWalk.com.

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with the latest additions and features on the app and exciting challenges within the AYA community. Be part of a growing network of individuals dedicated to their fitness journey and exploring Chickasaw culture.

Make your fitness journey more successful by walking every day with AYA.  

Anowa chipisala'cho (until we meet again),

Your AYA Team

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