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Learn Chickasaw Anompa ilbashshaˈ (Prayers)

Learn Chickasaw Anompa ilbashshaˈ (Prayers)

Learn about the role of prayer in Chickasaw culture and how you can hear (and learn) prayers read in the Chickasaw language.

In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of peace and reflection can be challenging. Many people turn to prayer to connect with something greater, find comfort in difficult times and gain inspiration on their journey.

At AYA, we understand the transformative power of prayer to uplift and inspire. Our curated collection of prayers, crafted and recorded by Chickasaw elders, offers comfort and guidance. Whether you seek solace, direction, or a moment of quiet reflection, these prayers provide a profound connection to the wisdom and spirituality of the Chickasaw culture. The heartfelt words can accompany us on our journeys, nurturing our spirits and reminding us of the interconnectedness of body, mind and soul.


The Power of Our Elders' Voices

Listening to the words and voices of our elders can comfort and inspire us in numerous ways. Their wisdom can connect us to something greater than ourselves, bringing peace and calmness during times of turmoil or uncertainty. It serves as a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and that there is always a source of guidance and support available.

Learning the Chickasaw language can enhance one's connection to the Chickasaw culture and community. The Aya Walk app and its prayer resources amplify this connection, providing a platform to access the enduring wisdom and support of our elders. Keep reading to learn more about the role of prayer in Chickasaw culture and how you can hear (and learn) prayers read in the Chickasaw language.



Listen to Nanna Ithana, a prayer for wisdom. 

With the AYA Walk App, you can turn your daily walks into an enriching experience. It rewards your healthy habits with inspiring prayers and other features. By connecting with Apple Health or Fitbit to log your steps, you'll unlock a collection of meaningful prayers. The more you walk, the more you discover!

Listen to Nanna Ithana in Chickasaw read by JoAnn Elllis


The Sacred Role of Prayer in Chickasaw Culture

Prayer holds a special place in the life of the Chickasaw people, deeply woven into their cultural fabric. Central to their ceremonies, prayer guided activities such as fasting, dancing, playing toliˈ (stickball) and feasting. Preparation for these sacred events often began with prayer and reflection, setting a spiritual tone.

As Chickasaw women prepared food, drink and cleaned their homes, they infused their tasks with prayer. They understood the significance of their preparations, invoking Abaˈbinˈiliˈ (the one who dwells above). Their thoughts were with their families, clans and tribe as they approached the ceremonies. The rhythmic beat of their shakers accompanied their dances, lifting their prayers to the heavens with the smoke from the fire, lifting their prayers to Aba'bin'ili'.

Chickasaw men also took part in the ceremonial preparations. They readied the village, council house, square and ball field, replastered homes and hunted game for the feasts, all while reflecting and praying. Rituals to purify their bodies, including purging and fasting, were integral to their spiritual readiness. As they harvested game, they offered thanks for the food. Before going to war, they purified themselves, fasted and prayed. Upon their return, they concluded their journeys with prayer.

The Chickasaw people’s deep spirituality and the central role of prayer in their daily lives offer a window into a rich culture. This blend of tradition and reverence highlights the enduring strength of the Chickasaw spirit.

AYA's collection of prayers embraces this tradition, offering a connection to the past and hope for the future.

Learn Chickasaw Prayers with the AYA Walk App

With the Aya Walk app, you can learn Chickasaw prayers and enhance your connection to the language and culture.

1. First, open or download the AYA Walk app. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you'll need to create an account with a valid email address.

2. Navigate to the "Learn" icon in the bottom left-hand corner. Once you click "Learn," you'll see a menu option for "Words," "Prayers" and "Music."

This is a listing of the features you have unlocked by using the AYA Walk app. The more you walk, the more you unlock!

3. Click on a prayer to hear it spoken in the Chickasaw language. 

Each prayer can be displayed with the Chickasaw text or the English text to help you understand and follow along.

This feature includes many prayers such as prayers for students in school, peace, self-control, wisdom and more.

Embrace the opportunity to connect with your heritage and improve your well-being through language and prayer. 



Pray and Move More With AYA Walk Today

Walk with AYA and unlock the prayers of our elders to nurture, inspire and encourage you. If you are not an AYA user, download the app and start walking with us. 

If you're already an AYA user, enhance your fitness journey by exploring all the app's features, including the newly introduced Mindfulness feature. Remember, the more you walk, the more you unlock! 

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Anowa chipisala'cho (until we meet again),

- AYA Team

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